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Mi nombre es María Paula Méndez, soy Colombiana, apasionada por el la especie felina y el comportamiento, amo hacer deporte, el helado y una buena compañía. Comparto un hogar junto a mi esposo y mis dos gatos, Odín y Atenea.


Ofrezco consultas de comportamiento y Modificación de Conducta  de gatos virtuales a todas partes del mundo, en Español e Inglés.

At this moment, I am the guardian of two cats with whom I live, called Odin and Athena, Odin is 5 years old, he is my faithful and eternal life partner, Atenea is 2 years old and is the queen of the house and my wisdom. Another of my cats is called Tulus, he is 17 years old, now he is my mother's company, they live in Bogotá, he is my first cat and to whom I can proudly attribute my experience with cats, he was the companion of Locky (dog), Simón (cat) and Pichilas (cat), they all have left this world, and Tulus is still like an oak. From each of them I have learned, since each cat is an individual, they have all given me their affection, love and company in a different way.​

Currently, I dedicate 100% of my time to behavioral counseling, focused on tutors who are having problems with their companion animal or to whom simply wants to learn how each species works. Here you can learn a little more about my professional studies. With my knowledge on Interior Design (my main profession) I will also be able to give you advice and suggestions to make your home a suitable and functional place for all the species that live in it. I have knowledge in natural feeding model (BARF) so in my consultations you will always receive advice to complement the diet of your furry in a natural way.   


I have experience in:


➺ Introduction of cats (Welcome home).

➺ Introduction of cats and dogs (Knowing both species).

➺ Conflict between cats (territory problems).

➺ Habituation to new things (DSCD desensitization and counterconditioning).

➺ Anxiety (for any reason), aggressiveness, disposal in inappropriate places, hyperactivity, marking, stereotypies.

➺ Socialization of adult cats.

➺ Environmental enrichment (Proper use of space, multispecies families).

➺ Wellness workshops (Cats).

➺ Cat training workshops (Positive reinforcement).

➺ Fear management (DSCD).


I am not a veterinarian, so I do not use or prescribe any type of drug.  All my consultations are focused on the  well-being of everyone at home, I do not use any type of aversive technique, I work as a team with the tutors, not directly with the animals, my consultations are educational and integrals, I will make sure all is clear for you, and I will ALWAYS say the purpose of things based on science.


If you have problems with your furry friend, do not hesitate to contact me, I know how to help you.

+57 315 218 9233 (Whatsapp only)

Direct contact to Whatsapp here

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