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Jul 3, 2022 - Jul 3, 2022

Virtual workshop: Cat training

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🗓️ Date: Sunday July 3, 2022 ⏰ Time: 4 pm Colombia 📍 Place: Zoom 📝 Duration: 2h 🐾 Dictated by: María Paula Méndez, feline educator and specialist in behavior modification from functional analysis. 💰 Investment: $75,000 COP pesos - Bancolombia Transfer, pse (nequi). $25 - PayPal ________________________________________________________________ 🐾Did you know that your cat can be trained? Would you like to know how animals learn and know the bases of learning? Do you want to know the benefits of training? If your answer is YES, what is coming is for you. Animal training is the best option to: strengthen the human-animal bond, provide mental and physical stimulation, provide entertainment, quality time, increase or decrease behaviors, rather "it is the complete package". ________________________________________________________________ OBJECTIVES OF THE WORKSHOP: ✅ Understand the basic principles of learning ✅ Learn about conditioning procedures ✅ Know the types of reinforcers ✅ Teach your cat new behaviors through behavior modification techniques. __________________________________________________________ YOU'LL LEARN: ✅ Associative learning (C.C, C.O, Observation). ✅ Phases of learning. ✅ Training techniques. ✅ Management of the striker as an aid in training. ✅ Training times. ✅ We will see practical examples of applied techniques. ___ PRICE 75,000 COP $25

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